FDA Registration Number:  3017153452

Level 1 Surgical Masks per ASTM

We manufacture surgical masks which have passed Level 1 Testing per ASTM standards.  We have submitted these masks for FDA approval under the August 5, 2020 Emergency Use Authorization. We anticipate our being listed on the FDA under the EUA, while we pursue our 510(k) longer term.

Surgical Masks vs N95 Masks

Our surgical masks are more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time and thus more suited for everyday use at a fraction of the cost of N95 masks.

ASTM level 3 BFE disposable surgical mask image


Doing business with us

Q. How can I buy American Surgical Mask Co’s masks?
A. If you are an organization requiring 10,000 or more masks, Please reach out to sales@boesaam.com.

Q. Is there a maximum order size?                                                                   

A. At this time we are seeking long term orders with regular delivery schedules. As production capacity reaches optimization, we may institute caps.

Q. How soon can you deliver?

A. Orders under 3,000 masks will be delivered with 2 – 3 Business Days. Larger orders are subject to production schedules.

Q. Can you schedule a tour?
A. We can schedule a live video tour of our facility with one of our team members which will allow you to ask questions while viewing our facility in real time.

Q. Can you white label product?
A. We can white label product, subject to the guidelines of the FDA regulations and production schedule constraints.

Can I invest in American Surgical Mask?

ASM is privately held and we are not seeking investments currently.

Are you hiring?

Please go to Career Source Tampa, Florida for more information. We do not accept applications at our facility.


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